Training and Practice at Our Shooting Academy

When it comes to handling firearms, safety and proficiency should always be top priorities. That’s why we’re proud to offer the best training and practice facilities at our Shooting Academy.

Here’s what you can expect from a lesson with one of our Griffin & Howe Instructors:

  • Expert Instruction: Receive personalized training from seasoned marksmen and certified instructors, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored learning experience.
  • Comprehensive Courses: Choose from a range of courses catering to all skill levels, covering firearm safety, marksmanship, advanced techniques, and specialized disciplines.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Train in a world-class facility equipped with cutting-edge technology, providing an optimal environment for honing your shooting skills.
  • Safety First Approach: Emphasis on safety protocols, ensuring a secure and controlled environment for shooters of all levels.
  • Specialized Training: Access specialized training for various shooting disciplines, including long-range precision shooting, competitive shooting, and tactical training.
  • Private Instruction: Opt for one-on-one instruction for a highly personalized learning experience, ideal for those seeking accelerated progress.
  • Youth Programs: Engage young enthusiasts in age-appropriate, structured programs designed to instill proper shotgun and bow handling, safety, and marksmanship skills.
  • Corporate Events and Team Building: Host corporate events or team-building sessions at the Shooting Academy, combining skills development with camaraderie-building activities.
  • Customized Group Sessions: Arrange private group sessions for friends, family, or colleagues, tailored to the specific needs and interests of the participants.
  • Equipment Rental and Sales: Access a range of quality firearms and equipment available for rental or purchase, ensuring you have the right tools for your training needs.
  • Scenic Location: Enjoy the picturesque surroundings of the Shooting Academy, providing an inspiring backdrop for your shooting endeavors.
  • Ongoing Support and Feedback: Benefit from continuous feedback and support from experienced instructors, helping you refine your skills and reach your shooting goals.
  • Exclusive Events: Participate in charity events and competitions organized by Hudson Farm, offering opportunities to challenge yourself and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Griffin & Howe’s Shooting Academy stands as a beacon of excellence in firearms training, offering a comprehensive range of services to shooters of all levels. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced marksman, the academy provides the resources and expertise to help you enhance your shooting skills.