G&H All American

Exclusively from Griffin & Howe

The All-American bolt-action rifle is 100% American-made, combining the very best in new technology with traditional hand craftsmanship. Like our Highlander rifle, the All-American is a true long-range rifle for precision shooting and serious hunting. With a guarantee of ½ MOA at 100 yards with match grade ammunition, this is a superbly accurate rifle over great distance and exceeds the demands of the long-range shooting market.

The addition of a handmade exhibition-grade American black walnut stock of exceptional quality makes the All-American a truly unique rifle in the trade. A classic hunting rifle aesthetic is contrasted with modern optics and barrel – the barrelled action is finished with a black Cerakote Elite coating, and aerospace grade materials are used throughout.


Mausingfield Hunter Action

The All-American Rifle is a bolt-action rifle built on the Mausingfield Hunter action from the American Rifle Company, proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA. Like the rifle itself, the Mausingfield is a combination of new and old. Utilizing a battle-proven Mauser 98 style claw extractor, and an M1903 Springfield style inertial ejector, this rifle is equipped with the finest feeding, extraction and ejection systems ever designed for the bolt-action rifle.

Incorporating proven designs of the past and new technologies of today, the Mausingfield Hunter action features extreme precision in manufacturing, interchangeable bolt heads, Toroidal locking lugs that are square to the bore, and extremely strong metallurgy. This action is exceptionally strong in its form, ultra-reliable in its function, and precisely accurate in its execution, with a unique fusion of modern design and battle-proven features from bolt-actions past.


Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel

We barrel our All-American rifle with a Proof Research full-profile, match-grade 416R stainless steel barrel, turned down to a significantly reduced profile which greatly reduces the weight. The reduced contour barrel is then wrapped with high-strength, aerospace-grade carbon fiber impregnated with Proof’s proprietary matrix resin developed by their advanced composites division.

The carbon fiber moves heat very effectively through the wall of the barrel, allowing it to cool faster and maintain accuracy over longer sessions of fire. The end result is stronger, lighter and as accurate as the finest precision steel barrel.

The muzzle is then finished with an effective muzzle brake to give very manageable recoil, and keep the shooter on target if a follow-up shot is needed.


Griffin & Howe Hand Crafted Stock

What sets the All-American apart from another bolt-action rifle is the hand-made stock, made from American black walnut or claro walnut from the Hinds walnut tree. Each stock blank is a beautiful piece of nature’s art, completely unique in its colors and markings and finished with an ebony forend tip. Each client begins the process of ordering an All-American by choosing their desired walnut piece, which is then fit-finished and hand-checkered with a 22 LPI point pattern for a non-slip grip.

We utilize the classic Griffin & Howe contoured stock design and profile, with the addition of a Monte Carlo comb to elevate the shooter’s eye in alignment with the scope while keeping the heel of the stock low.


Huber Concepts Trigger

A good rifle deserves a good trigger. Adding to the reliability and durability of the All-American is the Huber Concepts trigger. This two-stage marksman trigger features patented anti-friction ball technology, and is made with a melanite steel body. Knowing exactly when the trigger will break gives you a huge accuracy advantage, and allows you to time your shots more effectively. This trigger will compliment each shot you take, with the 100,000th shot as clean and smooth as the first.

Features and Customizations

When you purchase an All-American, your choices will truly define your bespoke rifle. Choose from a leather-wrapped recoil pad, a soft rubber recoil pad, or a steel, trap door, skeleton or checkered horn butt plate.

Each All-American comes with an ergonomically designed bolt knob, a hinged floorplate in the stock, a Javelin Pro Hunt Carbon Fiber Bipod with adaptor mount, and sling swivels to round out the package, making for a rifle stock both ready to hunt and show off.

Purchasing a Griffin & Howe All-American Rifle

To order your bolt action rifle or to find out more about the options available, please call us on 973-398-2670 or email gunsmithing@griffinhowe.com.