G&H Highlander

The Griffin & Howe Highlander Rifle

Exclusively from Griffin & Howe

The Highlander is one of Griffin & Howe’s most state-of-the-art rifles, precision engineered for long-range accuracy.

Highlander rifles can take you from mountain to safari seamlessly. Designed from the ground up to be a lightweight precision long-range hunting rifle, each Highlander weighs approximately 6lbs 4oz with short action or 6lbs 8oz with long action, and comes with a Negrini case, lightweight carbon fiber bipod and adapter. We recommend purchasing our Highlander rifle rings, designed to complement the Defiance Machine Rebel action and offering you a seamless fusion of form and function.

Built With Purpose

The Griffin & Howe Custom Gun Shop hand builds each Highlander rifle with skill and craftsmanship. A composite stock fabricated with cutting-edge materials, single-stage trigger, and use of factory-loaded ammunition to achieve under 1/2 MOA gives every hunter a significant advantage over the competition.

Great effort is put forth to ensure every Highlander that leaves our shop feeds and functions flawlessly. Each rifle is tested and shot on our range for functionality and precision, before and after all coating is applied to the metal and stock.


Defiance Machine Rebel Action

The action is the heart of the rifle, and we use one of the best; a Defiance Machine Rebel action equipped with a Sako-style extractor, and a TriggerTech trigger with patented TriggerTech frictionless release technology.

The receiver is made of pre-hardened aircraft-certified 416 stainless steel. All material is pre-hardened prior to machining in order to prevent changing tolerances during the heat treatment.

The barreled action is coated with a black Cerakote Elite coating, and the bolt is nitrided.

Featuring a one-piece bolt body and integral recoil lug, the action is built not only with extreme durability and accuracy in mind, but to serve the hunter with the most reliable smooth feeding, extraction ejection and safety systems ever designed.


Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel

Such a premier action requires an equally superior barrel. All Highlander rifles feature a cutting-edge Proof Research full-profile, match-grade 416R stainless steel barrel, turned down to a significantly reduced profile which greatly reduces the weight. The reduced contour barrel is then wrapped with high-strength, aerospace-grade carbon fiber impregnated with Proof’s proprietary matrix resin developed by their advanced composites division.

The carbon fiber moves heat very effectively through the wall of the barrel, allowing it to cool faster and maintain accuracy over longer sessions of fire. The end result is stronger, lighter and as accurate as the finest precision steel barrel.

The muzzle is then finished with an effective muzzle brake to keep felt recoil to a minimum, and keep the shooter on target if a follow-up shot is needed.

Options are available for barrel length.


Griffin & Howe Lightweight Fiberglass Stock

The rifle stock serves as the shooter’s interface with the rifle. We chose to design our stock with the classic Griffin & Howe styling, featuring a Monte Carlo comb to place the shooter’s eye in alignment with the optic. Each lightweight carbon fiber and fiberglass stock ensures stability and extreme durability as well.

This stock is a time-tested Griffin & Howe design that will not fail to please serious shooters in the field.


Trigger Tech Trigger with Frictionless Release Technology

Each Highlander has a trigger assembly that features the Trigger Tech ‘Free Floating Roller Design’ with true zero-creep break. 440C stainless steel internal components ensure corrosion resistance. Upon completion, a Griffin & Howe Highlander is set to 2.5 lbs, but adjustments can be made from 1.5 – 4.0lbs. Clients are able to choose from a black or polished stainless steel finish.


Gore® Optifade® Finish

Customize your Highlander with your choice of Gore® Optifade® pattern, so you can truly blend in to your ideal hunting scenario. These patterns are products of the latest research in animal vision science, camouflage science and computer technology to create proprietary new concealment patterns. Choose from the Open Country, Subalpine, or Elevated patterns.


The Highlander rifle comes with Griffin & Howe two-piece aluminum scope rings with 20 MOA built in, a lightweight hinged floorplate in the stock, a Pachmayr Recoil Pad, and a Javelin Pro Hunt Carbon Fiber Bipod with a hard-anodized black finish.

Highlander Rings

Griffin & Howe is proud to unveil our latest innovation – the Highlander Rifle Rings. Designed to complement the Defiance Machine Rebel, Classic, Anti, Renegade and Outcast actions, offering you a seamless fusion of form and function.

Two lightweight sizes available: 30mm and 34mm.
Medium (.500 above action ring and high (.600 above action ring) rings are available for both sizes.

Canted: 20 MOA
.860 hole spacing for front ring, .600 hole spacing for rear bridge
Action size compatability for MOA: short/XM 30mm and 34mm 20 MOA, long 30mm and 34mm 20 MOA

Our Highlander Rifle Rings are born from a heritage of over a century of firearms craftsmanship. Each ring is expertly machined to exacting specifications, ensuring a secure and stable mount for your optics. Constructed from 6061 (T6) aircraft grade aluminum, these rings strike the perfect balance between durability and weight, enduring the rigors of any environment without adding unnecessary bulk to your setup.

Uncompromised Accuracy: The precision fit of our Highlander Rifle Rings ensures that your optics stay locked in position, shot after shot. Achieve pinpoint accuracy and maintain zero under the most demanding conditions.

Finished in a striking matte black anodized coating, our rings not only offer a sleek aesthetic but also provide corrosion resistance for long-lasting performance.

Crafted with Precision, Engineered for Excellence.

$149.99 per pair. Contact us to purchase.

Purchasing a Griffin & Howe Hilander Rifle

To order your Highlander or to find out more about the options available, please call us on 973-398-2670 or email gunsmithing@griffinhowe.com.