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Kevin Sterk
Head Shotgun Instructor

Involved in the shooting sports lifestyle for 40 years. Instructor at Griffin & Howe since 2003. Competitive sporting clay shooter. Vast experience in a wide range of North American hunting and shooting sports, including waterfowl and upland bird hunting, always accompanied by his two well trained canines.

  • Level III NSCA Instructor, conducting Level 1 & 2 certification for NSCA
  • 2006, Level II NSCA Instructor
  • Trained with top UK & European instructors in all shooting disciplines, including European driven shooting
  • Trained with the iconic Jack Mitchell, formally of The West London Shooting School
  • Trained at The West London Shooting School, England
  • Trained with Roland Wilde from Holland & Holland Shooting School, England
  • New Jersey State Hunter Education Instructor
  • NRA Basic & Advanced Rifle Certification
  • Member of the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors
  • Member of the NSCA
Kevin can be reached at the Griffin & Howe Shooting School @ Hudson Farm Club
Tel:  +1.973.398.2670 Email:









Mike Murphy
Head Rifle Instructor

Mike has a United States Marines rifleman background with 5 consecutive deployments. Previously Mike was an Adjunct instructor for Firebase Combat Studies Group and has trained and completed courses with the Accuracy 1st Development Group, the elite training facility of military snipers. With a vast knowledge in ballistics and long range shooting, Murph is able to prepare you for all shooting situations and environments.



  • Several iterations of Long Range Precision Rifle completed with Accuracy 1st, Inc.
  • Conducted combat readiness training with Firebase Combat Studies Group, LLC
  • Carbine and Pistol course completed with Tier 1 Group.
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care completed with Deployment Medicine International Inc.


  • ’06-’07 Served as Team Automatic Gunner in DS of TF 3rd Battalion 4th Marines in Al Qaim, Iraq.
  • ’07-’08 Served as Assistant Team Lead in DS of TF 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines in Haditha, Iraq.
  • ’07-’08 Served as Assistant Team Lead in DS of TF 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Rawah, Iraq.
  • ’08-’09 Served as Team Leader in DS of TF 1st Battalion 7th Marines in Al Qaim, Iraq.
  • 2010 Served as Team Leader in DS of TF 1st Battalion 6th Marines in Marjah, Afghanistan.
  • 2011 Served as Platoon Sergeant in GS of TF 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force in Helmand, Afghanistan.
  • Planned, coordinated, and executed more than 130 surveillance missions – efforts lead to the safe keeping of U.S. military forces and civilians.
  • Conducted more than 600 dismounted and mounted patrols.
  • Conducted pre-mission planning and setup with JTF-South/Border Patrol South Command element for Surveillance/Counter Narcotics trafficking operations on US/Mexico border.
  • Served as lead gunner for personal security detail in support of Human Intelligence Exploitation Team.


  • S. Marine Corps Specialized Training: Leadership, Communication, Combat Casualty Care, and Discipline.
  • Navy And Marine Corps Achievement Medal



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